Sunday, November 22, 2009


Our home life has basically boiled down to one essential, elusive ideal element: sleep. We are grabbing it when we can, which for Kara is especially rare because Milo is a very enthusiastic and demanding feeder every 2 hours (or less). For Daddy, longer stretches but somewhat erratic opportunities for snoozing. Nolan is going through a 3-4am rising for a few hours and then sacking out into the later morning...not conducive to any kind of schedule for school and whatnot. And, Mr. Bean has grown very fond of his Mommy time since Milo has been taking a good deal of Kara's attention. All are thankful, somewhat healthy (another cold and fever cycle for Nolan), but we are kind of dragging here on Windsor Circle. So, take note Aunt Fab and Uncle Doolittle, a big day is coming, and it is a groggy one.

Bright note: Milo passed his 2 week exam with flying colors! Regained birth weight and more. And he does seem a wee bit bigger.


  1. I have almost the exact same picture of me and Wesley sixteen years ago. I remember that catatonic sleep very well!! Congratulations to all of you and best wishes for health and happiness!!!!

  2. It does get better, well until they become! You have a beautiful baby.