Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day Three

Milo had a good day today and has warmed up to drinking from a bottle, maybe a little too enthusiastically. He gets so caught up in drinking Kara's milk that he forgets to stop sucking and swallowing to take a breath. All he needs is a little practice, but we did find out that he is a spitter-upper, something that Nolan practically never did so this is a new phenomenon for us. Mommy and Daddy got some extended snug time in and Papaw and Mamaw along with Aunt Chippy-Whippy (Kirsten Krueger you know that's you!)stopped in for some good visiting time. Everyone seems to be in good spirits, but a tad impatient to get this beautiful boy home. And Nolan loves his Mamaw and Papaw and Mimi but he is tired and done with Mommy's absence, so we are thankful for Kara coming home tomorrow (as far as we know) and hoping Milo is soon to follow.

Here is a prenatal pic, with Nolan pointing at Eugene (Milo in utero) in Mommy's belly


  1. Great news - just in time for Thanksgiving!!! Congratulations to you all.
    John Davis

  2. I think ya'll are amazing! I hate that you're have to deal with ANYTHING worrisome at all, but am glad to hear that everyone is doing so well. Can't wait to meet little Mr. MZ!

  3. So glad you all such a better road this time around. The same was true for us...Quaid had alot of issues coming into the world and the twins came through like troopers.I know Kara must have been so happy this time around with no complications. Thats tuff on a Mommy!
    So happy for you all! Enjoy the fun of having two. Its great to see older siblings with babies....lots of fun interaction! I wish you all the best and hope everyone gets to go home soon. If I don't see you have a happy Turkey Day!

  4. Welcome Milo! I hope this finds everyone continuing to improve and that the family will ALL be together very very soon! Congratulations and healthy wishes to you!

  5. Hey Hey Milo! What up, dude!?! We can't wait to see pics of you at home with the fam. Hopefully soon. Congratulations, Kara, Ronan and Nolan!