Thursday, November 12, 2009


Milo is eating up a storm, every 2-3 hours, in fact. Kara is a little worn out, but like the rest of the household, very happy to have little Milo at home. Nolan beamed, smiling from ear to ear when we brought Milo home last night, and has been very gentle, curious, and welcoming of his little brother. The County Ikes (sans Uncle Bones) came to visit last night, along with Auntie Caroline, Mimi and Din-Din. Today, Auntie Olive came by for a quick peek and Auntie May-May and Auntie Deb-oh-rah (and Din-Din) took some turns with Nolan and Milo while Daddy went to teach a class and Kara jumped from little boy to little boy.

Does this all seem like code? Most of our family members have some sort of pet name or nickname, not necessarily of their choosing.

So, overall, Milo is healthy and happy, although a little jaundiced, so tomorrow we do a repeat of today and head to the pediatrician for some follow-up "billy-reubens" count. I know I misspelled that. This count is hopefully lower, which means good liver health and we don't have to put Milo on phototherapy, which involves a cumbersome light blanket that the little guy will have to be swaddled with. Yes, there could be worst things and we are very thankful for Mr. Milo being at home with his family and friends.


  1. Well that sounds like a very nice homecoming! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good scores on whatever health tests he has to take!

  2. Awww, what a sweet big brother!