Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beautiful Day Two

Milo sure picked a beautiful time to show up for an extended visit. All is well today, Kara is getting around surprisingly well for someone who had pretty major surgery and was able to get down to the NICU and see Milo. She held him for a while and also made some stabs at breast feeding, but Mr. Milo is not quite ready for au naturale. He did take a few mL's of her milk from a bottle. Yep, she is on the pumping routine with some flow beginning to happen. Daddy held Milo for a little bit in the afternoon and came back later in the evening for an extended 1 1/2 hour snug. Milo is still breathing fast and retracting a bit which is inhibiting mouth feeding, so we are just patiently waiting for his lungs to catch up with the rest of his body. A good day, but ready to exit the hospital as soon as everyone is ready.

Check out some more new pics at link to left and this pic above is for Adrienne if she is still tuned in.


  1. I love it!! Though I could have waited until he was at home for a photo! 'm glad to hear he seems to still be doing well; I know you all are very ready for him to come home!!

  2. He looks strong; I'm sure he'll be home soon!!!!

    **Much Love & good energy stuff!!!!**

  3. That's from me! :D

    Lisa B de Guilford